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I've an idea no_one: Lets's get some independent experts to do a review of aviation safety regulation in Australia. Let's get them to gather submissions and distil the key issues of concern - objectively and stripped of anything personal or emotional - and make recommendations for improvement.

Then Mr Skidmore would have some recommendations, made by independent experts based on their objective assessment of the submissions, for much-needed improvement.

Oh wait - that's right, precisely that kind of review was done and precisely those kinds of recommendations were made, and Mr Skidmore dismissed them as "one person's opinion."

He's now defendiing Part 61. His handling of the CVD issue shows that he's not willing or able to be convinced by objective evidence and objective risk assessments.

He's well and truly captured by the people who've run CASA for the last couple of decades. But for the money he's paid, I'd actually pity him.
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