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Gary Lager
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Hi GtE - you have put more meat on the bones of my limited understanding of the various schemes offered - I agree that a 'foundation degree' has limited worth, but if all you want is a BSc after your name, or a degree for degree's sake (and are considering Pro pilot studies to achieve this), the CTC scheme seems a more cost effective option; but one I don't think has much value or benefit in terms of producing better FOs than the regular ATPL. Maybe airlines would disagree but as a line Captain I am not convinced. (I don't actually recommend spending 50K just for some vanity letters after your name, btw!)

Degree for back-up; perhaps my wording was off but I didn't mean to imply that having a degree gives you instant access to an alternative career; but if you are after the 'Uni' experience then why not do something which will give you that alternative stepping stone to entry-level positions in another field if flying doesn't work out? If you do Pro Pilot Studies and don't fly then it is pretty much a waste of three years, isn't it? Whereas something like mathematics, journalism, engineering etc. could provide an alternative path.
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