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True, of-course, with absolutely any job in any profession. There's often a difference between what's in the paperwork, and what's going to be truly assessed in an interview.

For example - when I used to recruit PhD students in aeronautical engineering, I'd give the interviewees a model of a flexwing microlight and ask them to explain the flight mechanics. I knew jolly well they wouldn't have a clue - what I wanted to see was how well they could reason and explain their thinking when presented with a totally unexpected problem. I didn't actually care if they knew how a flexwing worked (in fact, I'd rather they didn't). But there's no way I could reasonably put that in the job spec.

Similarly, as you point out - on Monday the airline interviewer may regard graduates as jumped up little sods with an inflated opinion of their own worth, and dislikes them on principle, whilst on Tuesday it may be somebody else who has a degree, enjoyed it, and thinks that it makes him a better pilot and so prefers graduates. You just can't plan for that.

Basically, concentrate on being the best pilot you can be!
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