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QUOTE]Learn to accept what has been inevitable since 1976[/QUOTE]

Each PX Expat pilot has been aware of that fact since way back when, and I would think that many may take acceptation to that seemingly patronising sentence.

For information,... historically PX Work Permits were, and even now, are issued on the basis that the holder will train Citizen Pilots to be their replacements. All Expat PX pilots understand that.

Regards the replacements, well the PX Cadets are generally selected exceedingly well, and their training is excellent. So the need for expats will certainly diminish. And the PX cadet program has produced excellent pilots, trainers and checkers.

There is obviously still a need for expats (the current intake indicates that) due to there quite simply being a lack of "home grown" Pilots to fill the need.

However, the last few pages has not been about cadets or Expat replacements, etc, it is about what is happening in PX atm.

Geeup sums it very well. it is about an Industrial dispute which has led both the Citizen and Expatriate Pilots taking unprecedited Court Action against PX Management,

PX Management treats all it pilots equally, ..equally bad!!

As a simple and one off example, Cadets with 7 + years of servitude are now being given their commands on B scale salaries, due to being deemed to be new employees.

So this discussion is not about what is inevitable since 1976, it is about industrial relations.

And to those that insinuate that the PX pilot group will take issue with new hires taking "B" scale job. Well, that is just absolute crap, the PX pilot body is one of the most all encompassing groups around, and to insinuate otherwise is just pure lunacy.

And whist I am no longer part of it (thankfully), I cannot sit back and make no comment on some of the crap that has been posted on this subject.
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