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As a Mod and as one with many years PNG experience, I find certain posts on this page childish, ludicrous and objectionable.

AeroRescue lads from Cairns helping PX management by accepting B Scale contracts joining the F100/70 fleet.

If it's true I'm hoping they don't know about the pay & conditions court case..
geeup, precisely what are you insinuating? I know nothing more than what I read on this page but it appears to me and from subsequent posts, an AeroRescue pilot or pilots have secured an advancement in terms of equipment operated and secured their employment into the future, beyond the loss of their own company's rescue contract.

Would you care to explain what is immoral or unacceptable in finding a new job or exactly who they "helped" in PX management?

In 1976 the emerging PNG Government moved towards localisation and that has been a relentless process in the intervening years. Airlines world wide are endeavouring to reduce staffing costs and I suspect it is inevitable that as PX obtain more national pilots with experience on the equipment they operate, expatriate crew numbers will decrease or disappear. Learn to accept what has been inevitable since 1976.

And why shouldn't PNG replace their expatriate crews with PNG nationals? PNG is not a utopia for foreigners nor do you have a perpetual right to live in PNG unless you accept PNG citizenship, wages, terms and conditions.

After 23 years - more than half my life at that time in PNG - I awoke one morning and knew it was time to go and make a new future life in Australia.

You too must contemplate that inevitable decision.

Starting to bring back memories from 89.......
I won't even comment on that statement! Don't even raise that year here!!

Cut the childish cr*p or the thread gets closed!
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