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Gary Lager
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Have you considered the CTC scheme which offers a degree alongside ATPL? Doing a degree in pilot studies prior to ATPL training is a waste of time IMHO, as much of the information is subsequently duplicated, it is at great expense, and having 'any old degree' does not say as much about you as having a specific degree in another field eg philosophy, engineering, mathematics etc. which shows there is more to you than just aeroplanes and that you are able to apply yourself to a far more rigorous academic standard.

A degree can also be a back up career if your career as a pilot doesn't work out straight away, or at all.

I really believe the Pro Pilot studies degree is a a degree invented by universities to satisfy demand by students, not industry, which seems like the tail wagging the dog to me, and airlines do not usually consider that a candidate with an ATPL and PPS is necessarily any better than an ATPL with any other degree. Ask yourself: do you think a degree in PPS will truly help you a) get a flying job, or b) get a non-flying job, or c) in life in general?
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