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Hey Duck,
Spot on mate, the boys at AeroRescue are just trying to look after the family with food and a roof. If, some of these desktop drivers could understood the pressures of being a pilot with a family and being in GA 😫
Having been at ANG myself for three years some time back, I must say, it was the best flying I have ever experienced- bar none. Today, in a stable job in OZ, it's as boring as BAT-Shit!!
I would go back in a heart beat if the conditions were well right, and you were well respected,as they should be, because it requires a certain breed of pilot who can keep the operation on the rails. You have to pay well for that core experience , probably gained over many years of exposure in PNG. It's a job at a certain time of your life if your looking for adventure. I must say also,it's not necessarily an expat thing, some of the most admired and respected pilots I ever flew with were seasoned PNG nationals.
All the best for those that choose that gig. I hope in the end the board reverses there decision to reduce the companies core experience and they hold on to the dedicated individuals that have maintained a zero hull loss record since inception.

Nil Ident.
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