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Not sure who you are or what you are, however, it is apparent who you think you are. Similar to your namesake, a painter/politician with aspirations of grandeur, your pathetic attempt to intimidate has not, and will never work - quite the opposite. Despite your delusion of representing the purported contented masses, most pilots are blissfully unaware of the adverse realities of Norwegian's regime, receiving only the rose-tinted perspective from self-serving employment agencies.

This thread requests information on Norwegian's 787 recruitment and working conditions. I have provided some information and will continue to do so. The fact that the Norway media regularly reports on Norwegian's circumvention of laws, regulations and abhorrent treatment of staff, should be of serious concern to any prospective applicant. Ultimately, the pilots decide for themselves based on the information available - despite your spectacularly failed efforts to obstruct its dissemination.

Here's another news headline of Norwegian's shameful and intolerable treatment of crew for you to consider:

"Dream job in Norwegian was a nightmare" - "Feel exposed to witch-hunt from Kjos"

Link: Føler seg utsatt for heksejakt fra Kjos etter Norwegian-krangel - nyheter - Dagbladet.no

associated links in the article.
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