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Here's another visionary! You know for a certainty what the US intended, Mr Gallacher? How about thinking that a lot of that was reactive, scrambling around to counter Soviet moves?

You guys like to forget this, but in the period towards the end of the Second World War, on into the immediate prelude to the Cold War, we rather naively expected the Soviet Union to be a partner in restoring war-damaged Europe. Churchill it was who rang the alarm bell with his "Iron Curtain" speech, delivered in the USA.

You need to get together with that fellow who knows who started the Korean War, to chew the rag about the Great Satan, about how sick we really are, forgetting anything positive we have achieved.

Look, you guys have been handed a rather full explanation of how and why the States has so many guns, yet you prefer to look for some sort of amateur's pschoanalytic explanation, some "sickness." Stop for a moment to ponder "transference," the assigning of your own problem or problems to another. That would be "compensating" for some inadequacy of your own by seeing that in another. As it is, many Americans who could easily purchase and carry guns choose not to do so, while many foreigners who could not do that at all boast of not doing so! That's nonsense, actually.

Do you see Americans getting their knickers in a twist about how German highways usually have no absolute speed limit, that this shows some "sickness?" No, we tend to stick to our own knitting.
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