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There is something to be said for strict gun laws in the UK when one considers that the vast majority of Police Officers don't carry a firearm yet since 2000 only 4 have been shot and killed, while in America where they are routinely armed, in the same time period 764 have been shot to death and 57 have accidently shot and killed themselves or a colleague.
821 killed by guns in a land where Cops are armed to protect themselves, and 4 killed by guns in a land where Cops are generally not armed.
Ahh you might say... But what about all your knife crime in the UK? Well in the same period again 3 Officers (all unarmed) were stabbed to death in the UK compared to 19 in the U.S. where the Officers were 'protected' by their firearms.
Even considering the Population difference that has to say something for the sickness in U.S. society.
Statistics taken from the 'Officer Down Memorial Site' and the 'UK Police Memorial site'.

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