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Well, if you are desperate enough to believe what is written in this trollfest going under "PPRuNe" moniker, here it comes:

SXS is definitively not "Pay-to-fly" gig. It is SSTR for F/Os but full basic salary is paid from training's day one. DECs need to provide either bank guarantee or deposit 15K with company, usually half returned after first year and half after second, interest free.

Charter days are absolutely not over and besides, most of the flights from ADB and AYT are flown as XQ scheduled.

Duty time regulations are just copy-paste of Turkish DGCA's SHT 6A-50. Yes, there are 12 hrs stbys with people called before and after end of assigned stby duty. Yes, after 11 hours duty, 10 hours rest is legal so people fly couple of nights in a row or after coming home at 3AM, get picked up again at 2 PM (seldom but it happens).

Off days that one hasn't specifically requested are fair game for involuntary forfeiture. There is sgt. Hartmanistic equality to it; it's the same for local, expat, captain, F/O or cabin crew.

Five days ago, change of roster to earlier check-in time was subject to acknowledgement by the crewmember concerned but I don't discount the possibility there are more knowledgeable folks around, with closer ties to management, that know better. Commuting days are sacrosanct but having early finish before them and late start after is subject to availability and goodwill.

Rule about not having more than three consecutive days is unofficial and with cooperation from planing department can sometimes be creatively circumvented but definitively not every (or every other) month so whoever gets full time contract won't be able to commute.

Salary is paid in Euros or TLs, your choice. Even if you choose to get Liras, it will be expressed in Euros and paid iaw exchange rate on the payday.

Never getting less than 7.5 K and averaging 9.5? Possible yet improbable. Commuters get fixed net 6.1K (that's basic that ends on one's account after catering for income taxes and social contributions) while on permanent contract, for minimal experience that the company accepts it is 6.4K and is increased both for command experience brought into company and years served with SXS. This summer most of the perms flew about 100-110 hours, base notwithstanding, while scatter among ESB commuters was 50-85 with no set rule who gets what. Best course of action is to budget on basic pay alone and not spend too much time dwelling on thy neighbour's roster or paycheck.

Every doctor I came across in Ankara speaks far better English than me and even reception staff at Bayındır Hastanesi has quite decent standard of English proficiency.

Where will you be based? That's something not even management can predict. Last I've heard is all fresh DEC intake is going to ESB but that's what was already planned in fall 2013. Summer that year saw SXS operating redtails from ESB and SAW. These were 738 painted in THY mainline colours, in THY two-class configuration, mostly doing international flights. Idea was to return them all to THY by winter and perhaps even close SAW. Whoops. THY couldn't accept all of them back and all of the sudden whoever wants to go to, until recently doomed, SAW can go there pronto. Last year SAW was again slated for radical downsizing so people were allowed to move to ADB and AYT. Sure, redtails went away but were replaced by Anadolujet bluetails. Whoops. Send some more bodies to Istanbul.

Every base gets layover in other bases. Whether you are at home or on layover, transportation to/from work is provided by company for every crew member. Last summer ESB roster usually included two flights from SAW and 4-5 flights from AYT or ADB to European destinations. This summer its usually just 2-3 nightflights from AYT or ADB.

Whoever joins, might become prisoner of Esenboğa for a long time or change three bases in two years. There's no way of telling.

If you wan't to come, apply straight to company, do not go via broker. It's faster and cleaner.

If you get called for interview, do all your homework (I mean literally: you will be given list of things to do before interview) and do it properly. Tech interview and sim are straightforward, tripping stone is usually psycheval. Psychologist wants to see that you are not faking or BSing, that you really are motivated to come over and she will put you under considerable stress, sometimes in extremely creative manner.

Of course, I do not work for SXS, I don't live in Turkey and I am no pilot at all. Everything you read here is just product of my imagination running wild and any similarity to real SXS is purely coincidental. If you choose to believe anything written here, you do it purely at your own peril or my name is not Keyser Sze.
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