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Well guys, we can look forward to this:

CASA set to increase Recreational Oversight

Another empire building effort by the folks in CASA Sport Aviation Office.
The Recreational aviation organisations have worked under the assumption that they can keep CASA at bay to some extent and by having the Australian system of self administering organisations the crocodile will eat them last. Well the crocodile is hungry and coming for them now.

Frankly it is pretty obnoxious that people wanting to fly gliders or ultralights are forced to join a private body that has had some of the coercive powers of the State given to it on a monopoly basis.
The outcomes are pathetic also as RAAus members kill themselves regularly and GFA gliding instructors kill and injure their students.
Time to adopt the US rules. The EAA and SSA in the USA have NO regulatory powers at all and reject attempts to give them such powers as it would change the relationship between the organisation and its members.
The Australian system has organisations of individuals which meant to work for the benefit of the members, taking the part of the regulator. You can't work for two bosses with different goals.
Just take a look at the SAAA's ineptitude in defending Part 21 (they don't even try - it is becoming the RV kitbuilders's association - the website no longer highlights "home of Australian Experimental") and the GFA sold out the maintenance of gliders to CASA but the President got a seat on the Board so it's all good. Wonderful!
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