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This had NOTHING to do with HPPIS operation or BVCU failure.

The Dec 81 crash was on (Our) engine air test and we were waiting for it to land.

The flame from the rear was a good 40ft long. We thought they had gone in with it.

Even the guy in the tower (I met him in the Falklands) who hit the crash button didn't see a parachute.

Both seats both pilots the canopy AND the A/c were all in the same small field. It was very very close.

At Shoreham there was no flame, no unburned fuel (white smoke).
It sounded normal in all video i have heard Listen to the dash cam video). No pops or bangs. there was a nice shot from above showing hot efflux.

I am certain that engine was running normally.

The drop tanks. Yes it is acceptable to have no carts in the ERUs (In Civi use). I don't know if these were armed or not but I doubt it.

Indeed the Swiss disabled all their inboard tank jettison to make sure they would not drop off.

It's been 30 years but I'm sure the T7 had no rear tank, so even had it been a full fuel load or similar at take off the droppers would have fed first and been empty or had little left.

Seats are a different matter. That I believe is the operators choice.

MB have said they are no longer going to support old seats. Who can blame them when you think of the vitriol thrown their way after the Scampton failed ejection.

Australia have stopped flying their historic flight Sabre because of this issue.

Hope this helps

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