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Yes, ATAC lost two Mk.58's, one in 2012 and another in late 2014. Pilots killed in both incidents. Pilot of the 2012 crash had reported fuel transfer problems just prior to the crash, and I've not seen any reports yet about the 2014 crash on approach to Point Mugu.
My understanding is that in both ATAC cases the aircraft were fitted with small tanks and suffered from a fuel transfer failure from one tank. If they had either landed immediately or jettisoned their tanks they would have been OK. Unfortunately, in both cases the pilots continued to fly until the aircraft were in an out of trim situation that was NOT cleared for landing.

Both pilots lost control on approach and crashed!

I do not believe that this had any relevance to the Shoreham crash.

While I am writing I will express my disgust at the Daily Telegraph for an article published on Saturday.

They showed a picture of a Mig followed by an article about the Shoreham accident. The authors had clearly done a Google search and then just quoted a part of an Accident Report from an accident at Dunsfold. There would appear to be no connection or relevance to what was written. It appeared that the authors knew nothing about aviation, let alone display flying or jet aircraft.

IMHO the Editor should not have published the article and deserves grief from all interested. I have written to the Editor expressing my concerns.

I was also surprised to learn that many vintage jet aircraft fly without cartridges in either their ejection seats, or external drop tanks when carried. Apparently this is due to the cost of storage and servicing of explosive cartridges! Is this correct?
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