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My mistake ....

I misread that report on police deaths. Yes, it was 50 gun-related deaths, and three times as many total deaths. It was 156 police deaths by gunfire back in 1973, and it has declined since then.

Actually, Mr. Gallacher, I had no idea at all of the total number of deaths until you brought that up, along with wanting to tell us that the rest of the world looks on with bemusement at the USA because of this, among other things.

You certainly do have your finger on the pulse, knowing how the rest of the world (all of it, or just the parts you personally know about, as in not very many?) views the USA! Or, you are just off-gassing a bit there, using the number of police dead by gunfire to buttress a statement that is unsupportable?

Guns are bad and America is weird for allowing its citizens to have so many of them? Is that what you are trying to say? Okay, if you say so ....
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