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Oh, really?

"[T]he problem for us who are not American, is the constant and unrelentless export of American culture to every far corner of this planet. It is a 24/7/365 assault upon us, from every angle."

Oh, come on! What is this, like that poor chap in A Clockwork Orange, to be pinned in place with your eyelids held open? There are alternatives to looking at TV and movies and listening to rap music, you know! I assume that you have libraries with books that are quite free of American culture, or even ones offering a positive sort of American culture. Try Moby-Dick, why don't you? That should get your mind off CIS Miami for a good long spell, especially if you are one of those who moves his lips when he reads.

It's not as if there's no alternative to watching "gangsta" films, listening to rap, and eating at McDonald's, is it? You could watch classic film noir, listen to Charles Ives, and eat Cajun food, for example, when those are also representative of American culture.

It's the same with owning a gun actually. In Vermont you are quite free to own and carry one, but it's clearly understood that using one to maim or kill someone for no good reason is not allowed. It's not as though having access to American gun culture means going to its low end; you do have a choice. (That "c" word, "choice," is one that so many liberals find so troublesome, the notion that we have such a terrible mixture of freedom and responsibility, nobody there to tell us what to do and then make us do that.)

I am not speaking here of just shooting people out of hand. That's not even allowed in the USA! I think that your nice Mr Johnson might well be disposed to listen to the idea of putting proper legislation in place; then posting warning signs in all the languages spoken in the East End, big signs warning of the consequences of behaving like a chav or yob or gangsta or whatever it's called; and finally allowing only registered shooters to operate.

You already use this on other feral pests, for heaven's sake! Which would you rather encounter at midnight on Mile End Road, a yob or a fox?

Don't blame me for this idea; I got it from a Brit, Jeremy Bentham, with his "utilitarianism," the "greatest good for the greatest number."

Okay, it might be a bit of a mess to start with, for the first few days or perhaps weeks, but then I think things should settle down to a long, yobless spell before another cull became necessary, so back to shooting foxes for a while.
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