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As you should know, in OZ the laws have been in place for many years.
Suggest you brush up on them before you get yourself in trouble.
Not sure what laws your on about? last I heard you could still try and prevent a crime happening. The thought, reasonable or proportionate force comes to mind.

I see we are still trying to push the killing someone for stealing or some other trivial line. Plain execution is not allowed in the states or anywhere else (western). Deadly force is allowed in some places where fear of life is reasonably expected.

The lawyers argue out the technicalities, but its simple really, if your a bad guy and get sprung, you have a choice, escalate or deescalate.

I have no sympathy for some piece of human garbage who gets sprung stealing something trivial, and decides to escalate it into a violent confrontation to escape, and gets killed in the process.
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