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Unless you go in for extreme aeros, I'm not convinced that being some racing snake or other serial jockstrapper has much relevance.

My first experience of 'g' was as a 15 year old cadet in the 'coal hole' of a Sea Vixen. I hadn't been briefed about 'g' and certainly greyed-out during the pull out from a simulated rocket attack. Then I went through training long before the introduction of the 'fitness test' and as a fully paid-up member of 'Athletics Anonymous*', never had no problems with 'g' tolerance. Even during a Hawk refresher after a tour on the tin triangle.

We still took the Hawk to +7g at Chivenor - not often, but without the dubious benefits of centrifuge time it wasn't much of a problem unless you tried pulling whilst looking over your shoulder. That could hurt!

Experience possibly develops an instinct of knowing when and how much to strain when under 'g'. Tailchasing in the Bulldog it wasn't unknown to see a much younger, fitter student having the odd 'quiet moment' during energetic manoeuvring.

The last time I flew any aeros was at the age of 57 in a Chipmunk after a break of 2 years. It didn't have a 'g' meter, but we probably pulled about +4g in a loop - again, no problem even for a non-athelete. Routine Class 1 medicals were fine, but I got fed up with the cost!

So no, a pilot with a Class 1 and plenty of 'g' experience in his/her background shouldn't have any great problem flying relatively benign aeros in the Hunter T7.

*Athletics Anonymous - if you have a sudden urge to commit sport, you phone up a mate who talks you into going to the pub instead

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