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Thanks for your informative post. I got worried already reading all the other comments.

I have an interview coming up for a DEC NTR position. I would like to take the chance to come back to bigger airliners going away from commuters I am presently flying(I used to fly bigger jets in the past).

Some questions still remain open:

- If they assign you a base(Antalya,Ankara,...), do they pull you from there to fly at a different base? Or do you stick normally with your base?

- Do they provide normally transport to and from duty? Or do I need to organize myself some wheels?

- The only info regarding contract I got till now is this "7 days off in a row" thing. Do they change this 7 days regulary or is there a good chance you can organize your proceeding back home a bit upfront?

- They mentioned as well the Capt. salary on this commuting roster to be around 6400-6600 Euros. Is this already after tax or is this gross?

Good to hear that the crews are mainly friendly folks as I am used to that from my current company(the only good thing there to be honest).

Anything special I have to keep in mind during the interview(Mollymawk+Interview) and the Sim Session? Or is everything straight forward?

Thanks Gents!
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