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It has been suggested in some corners that the pilot may have blacked out during the high energy manoeuvre.
Pure speculation.

it does raise the question should display pilots have an upper age limit?
No, in the case of AH and many others as part of their day job it requires that you under go a class one medical conducted by the UK CAA or an AME.

Is it right a 51 yr old was performing a high g manoeuvre?
No, a loop ( if it was a loop ) requires approx. 3g.

Do display pilots undergo strict annual medicals, ECG, blood tests etc?
Yes see answer above.

Flying military spec, even fifty year old jets is demanding and perhaps not for the more mature pilot?
What is flying a mil spec aircraft ? it was a retired military aircraft operated in a civil environment, with speed, altitude and in flight weather limitations, it was not in active service nor operated as if it was in active service.

By the way "g" loading in a jet is the same as "g" loading in any other aircraft.

As for limitations on mature pilots, well really

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