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Originally Posted by Courtney Mil View Post
A couple of sources confirm 372's history:
Like many people, I have kept my powder dry for a while, but feel (rightly or wrongly), time is right to say something. I am not aircrew or even military, but a reasonably sensible human with a healthy interest with military aviation being the son of a FJ man back in the day. As it happens the Hunter was his favourite of all.

The event in Shoreham was tragic all round and the reason will likely become clear one day. Speculation and conjecture on a public forum helps nobody as once it is out is out...

Sensible observations excepted.

Let us not forget that the last thing AH would have thought about that morning was where we are now.

Let the inquiry / investigation take it's natural course and stop bickering. If you won't stand in a room and say your bit - don't type it.

Edit :

Not a specific reply to you CM - just happened it was one of your posts I was reading when I thought of replying!.

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