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Good article? No, not really, another journalistically lazy article, the likes of which attract so much criticism on here.

The author is critical of people not understanding the concept of risk which he clearly has no idea about himself. I refer people back to Satellite Driver's descriptions earlier in this thread. The MoD uses a similar scheme referring to 1st, 2nd and 3rd parties. There are many things that a driver can do to help reduce risk, choice of vehicle, route, time of day, driving style etc and there are some that are beyond their control, ie another vehicle entering their lane. But drivers wittingly make certain decisions, ie to drive, thus they are 1st parties. As passers by to an airshow, they have no interest, possibly no knowledge even of what is going on overhead and therefore no conscious acceptance of the risks.

I have been in a serious road accident in which others died. I survived because of a conscious decision to drive a very safe (crashworthy) car. (Not my fault by the way).
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