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Thank you Lonewolf for a sensible and well thought out response. There is a problem, there are too many killings(esp mass killings) in the US and we should have a debate about why that is.

The problem though is the killings,not the tool used to carry them out. It seems the focus is always more on the "how" (followed by page on page about the constitution) rather than the "why".

Although I live and work in London,and thus not the US I am exposed to human behaviour all day every day (I work directly with customers)

There seem to have been many changes in society since my childhood, and I think a lot of this contributes to the murder/assault/poor behaviour rate.

I see more demanding, more "me me me", less discipline, less caring about others or the world around.

WHY this leads to murder etc,or even IF it does- I don't know.....
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