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Well balanced post unlike the last nonsense.
The guys that came to THY from SXS miss the more friendly atmosphere on the other hand the rosters are more sympathetic to rest etc. One big positive with the THY/sxs group is the ID travel .ok it's standby but you can book multiple options and only use the ones you need and refunds are no issues . The European Loco:
Ryanair ( or guess my Base 1 in 3 chances )
EasyJet .good outfit if you can get your Base option and are typed if not it's expensive ball ache
NAS don't figure at all .just crooks
WiZz just raised Capt wages do you don't sell body parts to pay rent.
Compare living costs in TL with other parts of Europe and the weak TL is to your advantage.
OK downside, rosters, duty changes Forget instability and İSIS you can get problems anywhere that's why they are called terrorist !
If you have kids school is expensive for European schools.
As noted keep away from management they keep away from you.unlike many pompous arses in Europe .
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