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Unfortunately the media will never put this type of tragic accident into proportion, we know 11 people unfortunately lost their lives. My thoughts fully go to their families.

However, in the UK there are between 1,700 and 2.000 road deaths per year. Averaging at over 4.5 per day.

Only between 40 and 70 people (including 'third party' casualties on the ground) die in aviation accidents per year.

The media are still wall to wall covering the eleven who passed away on Saturday, without putting any perspective that in the four day intervening period Sunday to Wednesday according to the national averages around 18-20 other people will have died on our national road network.

Yes this is a personal tradegy for eleven families. But Aviation and airshows still have an amazing overall safety record compared to road transport. The Government and the Coroner system should not over-react to what is statistically a small (but tragic) blip in overall safety record statistics.

Their efforts would be better spent in regulating technical improvements to improve road safety.

I have been fully involved in an aviation inquest (over a three month period). The cause of the aircraft loss was beyond the control of any safety or regulatory body, however it was made worse because a fuel tank exploded after the initial cause (statisically the chance of this was 0.0000001). The Government got heavily critisised for not fitting Fuel Tank Inerting and spent millions of taxpayers money in rectifying that against a miniscule risk.

However, if a tree falls on a car and kills someone, it is just an accident, the coroner has identified cause of death and the inquest lasts minutes (if one is held at all).

The Glasgow bin lorry inquest is another example of a disproportionate inquest spurred on by media hype (the coroner knows the cause, why does it need to take this long). Coroners need an even hand, treat this Hunter crash as a tragic accidental death from a known cause (like a tree falling on the car), that is all coronors courts should do, identify the cause of death. The AAIB should be the ones making the technical recommendations.

In reality expect a four month daily reported inquest which the coroner criticising Government requlatory restrictions on airshow organisation and safety. Causing the CAA/MAA to be forced to impose unrealistic restrictions if any house/road/stable/boat is anywhere under the airside display line outside the airfield boundary.
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