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Juan Tugoh
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It is a pity that the BBC and other news channels did not take time to seek such experienced counsel.
The very first line of his post seems to suggest the opposite:

Following ill informed comments and inappropriate speculation by self call experts on display flying and Hunters in particular, Iím breaking cover from media calls and emails to me.
Expert refuses to speak to media, takes to Facebook to complain that his expertise isn't reflected in media. Would make a nice little cartoon.
There is a world of difference in making a considered statement, and in this case Facebook is as good a media as any other, as opposed to being subjected to the bias and agenda of someone like John Humphries or Jim McNaughtie of the comment agency the BBC. It is many years since the BBC and most other news agencies actually reported news, they are far more interested in the personality status of the presenters - who long ago ceased to be journalists. it is not always appropriate to use each and every interview as vehicle to put forward the views of the "talent". Sometimes the views of the experts need to be listened to and often these opinions take more than 5 seconds to deliver. God forbid that the "talent" is not heard every 5 minutes or so.

The BBC and other news agencies are SO wrong on anything you have any direct knowledge of, how can you trust it on something you don't have any expertise in?

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