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G Induced Incapacitation

Now that we have had some chance to absorb the initial consequences of this accident, perhaps it is time to discuss possible g induced incapacitation as a causal factor.
Does anyone know if Andy was using a g suit during this display?
Was the Hunter's suit control valve functioning properly?
What was the likely g level reached during the initial pull up and how long was it sustained? These are questions primarily for the AAIB to determine, but some of the answers may already be available.

As a young man, for example, I could pull 4 g almost indefinitely and could handle 6 g for 20 seconds or so. Seven was enough to gray out my vision in short order.

Older pilots are supposed to have slightly better g tolerance, but things can happen as you get older that create surprises.

The video seems to indicate an active hand on the stick, but the surprising roll during the climb may indicate a momentary g induced visual incapacitation. It will probably be difficult for the AAIB to make an incapacitation determination. If that is the case then the recommendations will probably have to mitigate that possibility in the future.
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