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[I"]Drove home to Oxford for hell's sake. No-one hurt and sobred up en route . Demolished a bag of Maltesers & toffee eclaires. Still got all me teeth now & never had a drink/drive/fly related incident" [/I]

Assuming the above is factually correct, congratulations on being a first class irresponsible moron.

"Sobering up", as you quaintly state, whilst driving is, frankly, beyond comprehension. If you wish to porridge yourself, that's fine ( apart from the grief you may induce in your family, relatives and friends that is ), but putting an unquantifiable number of other road users at risk suggests a cavalier philosophy overall.

The fact you claim to have never had a drink / driving incident would appear to be down to pure luck....and nothing else.

There's only one safe limit......zero alcohol in your bloodstream irrespective of the context.
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