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Happy Drunk - Ornery Drunk - Fighting Drunk - Dead Drunk

got the classification from 'up there' (and hope to be forgiven by Old-not-bold):


Which is interesting, as I happened to watch the "Flight" last week (ok, ok, I know everybody else have long ago) and got curious of how much real life there might be and read this Real Pilots Laugh At ?Flight? - The Daily Beast (the comments to the story are interesting, too)
and was surprised that anybody could think real pilots could be 'dead drunk' and flying. For me the profession was something to stress Whip's stakes were very high, compared to any other job (dunno, maybe doctors would lose their licences as well?).

Anyway. Drink and drive. Not only heavenly spaces. I personally believe there has to be zero limit, even though I've driven (a car, of course) slightly drunk - but one has to know it's not ok and no hope for any slight limit.
Even though I agree that fatique is as risky, or even more (no scale to measure it either).
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