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Section28- BE
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Appropriate- 'Capacity'....

Hmmmmm- WOW, really..........

'28BE Duty to exercise care and diligence
(1) The holder of an AOC must at all times take all reasonable steps to ensure that every activity covered by the AOC, and everything done in connection with such an activity, is done with a reasonable degree of care and diligence.
(2) If the holder is a body having legal personality, each of its directors must also take the steps specified in subsection (1).
(3) It is evidence of a failure by a body and its directors to comply with this section if an act covered by this section is done without a reasonable degree of care and diligence mainly because of:
(a) inadequate corporate management, control or supervision of the conduct of any of the body’s directors, employees or agents; or
(b) failure to provide adequate systems for communicating relevant information to relevant people in the body.'

28BF Organisation, personnel etc.
(1) The holder of an AOC must at all times maintain an appropriate organisation, with a sufficient number of appropriately qualified personnel and a sound and effective management structure, having regard to the nature of the operations covered by the AOC.
(2) The holder must establish and maintain any supervisory positions in the organisation, or in any training and checking organisation established as part of it, that CASA directs, having regard to the nature of the operations covered by the AOC.
(My bolding...)

So are 'we' really doing an 'Engine Change' right here right now at CBR (as described above)- under 'those' circumstances............... surely not!!!!

If, the said 'Meal Ticket Holders' want to P.M. me, I'll prosecute the bejeezus out of that sucker for you......... at nil consumed voucher cost- you keep the sustanance/feed/gluttony..... all good 'boys'!!!!!!!!!

By the way, did the 'Bruce', put #4 into S28-BE:

(4) No action lies, for damages or compensation, in respect of a contravention of this section.
All good- I feel so safe.......... good job, lads!!!

Bell me- should you want some 'rattle & hum'..............., or maybe not... good job this Low Cost Carrier show!!!!, well done all.

S28- BE
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