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AOG in Canberra, Qlink have a grand total of 3 mechanical LAMEs on type to carry out an engine change, all of which have never done one. No doubt the one good connie they have will be left on his own to struggle through. The Cry for help has already been sent out by their puppet master to no avail. Apparently when you sack 14 staff from another company they'll still have a surplus of arms & legs.......& will be willing to help out....haha. Sad to hear their own mates won't come to the rescue, but then again if you know much about the link you have no mates.

Shame you can't change an engine with incompetence, daggers and undermining. Plenty of that going round that place. I heard a connie walked out on them a few weeks back because the environment was so toxic.

Sit back and enjoy the show.
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