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Those examples have significant use constraints or limitiatons

Not all RNP .1 is equal. Those aircraft types and procedure examples you cited come with significant RNP related procedure operating constraints or limitations. I can cite specific examples, having tried and failed to make some of those systems work for both OEMs or operators. Even the excellent work done by Horizon (led by Perry S and Steve B... ) on their Q400s, to make an otherwise seriously deficient box at least try to mimic real RNP, to some extent, and partially work, is only very primitively successful. For example, NONE of those types or avionic systems have yet demonstrated capability for suitably flying any of the kinds of real RNP procedures that I cited earlier, such as at NZQN, etc. A few of them are reportedly going to potentially try, with still "in the future" attempts to be modified to evolved versions of those avionic systems, but NONE currently can yet can perform these cited RNP procedures adequately. Just because they have a magazine ad promoted PR label, claiming RNP capability, or even "RNP .1", doesn't necessarily mean they actually can safely fly any of these real RNP based procedures, and particularly not when addressing the needed rare-normal or non-normal conditions. In fact a few OEMs are now getting a rude awakening by purchasing some of those systems for their new types thinking they're getting comparable systems to the big jets, only to find those BizAv related systems have serious RNP related shortfalls, to actually be able to do the job, even if they advertise RNP capability.
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