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why black balls? Would white(ish) get dirty? One would think black gets hot in the sun and heats water (and more evaporation)?

1. The vendor might be into Black Pride, and surf'in it.

2. Black things - intended for long use and no cleaning - never look as skuzzy
after long-time passing as would pristine white or most other colors.

3. Decades of swimming in air have taught me that subtleties and surprises of the medium often come unseen and unexpected. The actual mechanism of the product is not described, so conveyor-belt logic would seem potentially applicable:

My best guess is that the balls create a thermal-plus-mass boundary layer at and just above the water's surface that reduces intermixing of ambient air (in the wide range of natural conditions) from active mixing with air near the water's surface, the location where h2o molecules can be stripped away by zephyrs and drafts, with high evaporative losses as the effect.

The same water-laden near-surface boundary layer might act as a coating that "makes" its own greenhouse effects right near the surface, and keeps them there as well.
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