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Still lots to learn about TRW deviations and Radars

Another fortunate successful diversion landing after a hail encounter. Thankfully we also have good autoland systems. But apparently, there is still more to learn about WX deviations, TRWs, radar characteristics, and radar performance. Even some of the the most recent WXRs, in the latest production jets, still have known "issues", and require care in their use. Anybody know which WXR they were using on this A320?

[Ref: Hail encounters... from Southern 242; DC-9-31; N1335U; executed a forced landing on a highway in New Hope, Georgia, United States after suffering hail damage and losing thrust on both engines in a severe thunderstorm on April 4, 1977, the more recent B747-400 N664US "Spirit of Beijing" crossing the NoPac, into Korea].
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