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Originally Posted by Zenj View Post
on approach with auto thrust on , you find speed going below VAPP or even getting to VLS , what do you do to recover back to your VAPP ?

Step by step:

1. Disconnect all automation.

2. Add power.

3. Put the nose down a little.

4. When speed trend recovers and you start to feel a little "whooop" lift in the seat of your pants, reverse the motion and recover flight path.

5. Land.

If that all seems improbable at the time choose option B.

1. TOGA / GTFOOD (Get The F Out Of Dodge).

Also, the Airbus G/S Mini mode WILL allow speed to decay below Vapp momentarily in very gusty situations. It won't allow it to decay below Vls if all works as advertised. Regularly land in very gusty wind and it does in fact work quite well (A330). Like others have said I do like the feel of manual thrust in those conditions. Hold a stable power setting and let the speed vary a little. Which, come to think of it, is basically what the G/S Mini function is trying to accomplish anyway by giving you a variable speed target.

If the automation doesn't do the job, turn it off. If you work for a company that absolutely forbids this, or you are simply not comfortable doing so, then your choice is simple, go land somewhere else. Bottom line.
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