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Originally posted by ACMS:
Don't know about the 320 but it's probably similar?
It certainly was when I flew them, but that was over a decade ago. Landing in moderate/ severe turbulence could be interesting. With your entire body bouncing around, your hand on the thrust levers could easily knock them slightly out of the gate. The chime and ECAM caution weren't particularly attention getting in that situation, and an already entertaining approach could see a surprising flare.

Nice to see those with no AB experience chiming in as usual. Boeing's moving thrust levers are great, and speed tracking does seem better than on the 330/340. However, on AB's non-de-rated types; just pushing fully foward for TOGA thrust and guidance beats Boeing's TOGA button logic/ finger faffing hands down. Not to mention the dubious wisdom of HOLD mode, or having to frequently over-ride the autothrottles on an RNAV STAR in VNAV. A bit like flying with an obstinately poor student. Neither system is perfect and both present opportunities for embarrassment, especially when converting between them.
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