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A330 FCTM quote with regards to loss of speed:---

In gusty wind conditions, the A/THR response time may be insufficient to cope with an instantaneous loss of airspeed. A more rapid thrust response can be achieved by moving the thrust levers above the CL detent (but below MCT). The thrust will quickly increase towards the corresponding TLA. The A/THR remains armed and becomes active immediately the thrust levers are returned to the CL detent. Therefore, the thrust levers should be returned to CL detent as soon as there is a positive speed trend. However, there are two important points to note:

‐ Selecting the thrust levers to the TOGA detent, even momentarily, will engage the Go-Around mode,
and. ‐ In some aircraft selecting the thrust levers above the CL detent below 100 ft RA will disconnect the A/THR. In this case, returning the thrust levers to the CL detent will set climb thrust. Refer to FCOM DSC-22_30-90.
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