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Question Advice

I'm new here and just wanted some advice on undertaking a degree.

I have recently been offered a place on the CTC Wings Integrated ATPL programme. I have completed my A-levels and have just attained a HNC in Mechanical Engineering through an apprenticeship scheme with an aerospace company. I intend to complete my PPL (A) before I embark on the CTC Wings programme (yet to be confirmed). I am concerned I may be at a disadvantage not having a degree. But I believe CTC Wing's have a good placement record even though there is no guarantee of a job. It would also depend on the time I come out of training and also the current climate in 18 months approx.

Would it be worthwhile doing the BSc Degree in Professional Aviation Pilot Practice? I am aware it is a significant cost along with the cost of training.

If you had two people with exactly the same qualities achieving the same % (no retakes) carrying out their ATPL exams and passing the different stages of flight training successfully. The only way you could differentiate these two individuals is through their personal/work experience and also their qualifications to date. I am assuming BA would lean towards the person with a degree obviously demonstrating the right aptitude/personal qualities.

Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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