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Anti-gun efforts have been made by large heavily funded organisations in the US for many years, a large number (but not anywhere near a majority) would like to see some form of gun control. Most gun owners would very much like to see a reduction in gun crime and gun deaths because they lead to stupid discussions such as this. Gun control, or at least a reduction in the number of deaths caused by guns, is an important consideration for both politicians and law enforcement.

All of the efforts made in the past that have been made by groups in the US with power, money and legislative ability have failed for various practical reasons. Yet our collection of UK muppets insist that they, from their seats of power next to a computer and at the cost of pressing a few buttons have the only true solutions to reducing the number of gun deaths in the US.

We have to put up with circular arguments of distorted statistics aimed at a market that is 3,000 miles away when thousands of potentially illegal immigrants are pushing to get into the UK from 22 miles from its coast. These people quite happily fiddle while Rome burns.

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