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Below transcription of comms on the Discrete Emergency Frequency has surfaced. Source unknown, but it looks genuine to me.

TRA3K was handed off to the DEF by EHAM TWR, shortly after the go-around on EHAM RWY27.
Transavia 3K: We have er... Mayday, mayday, mayday, Transavia 3K, we have less than minimal fuel, and would like to return as soon as possible to Amsterdam to try it again.

ATC: Transavia 3K copy mayday cleared to two thousand.

Transavia 3K: Two thousand Transavia 3K. For your information, we had a very serious windshear at, I think about one thousand feet and we had trouble to control the aircraft. It was really severe.

ATC: [unreadable] right one eight zero.

Transavia 3K: Right one eight zero.

ATC: The speed is all yours [unreadable] and the only runway is two seven.

Transavia 3K: Ok, runway two seven, we'll do that, and eh was there any landing [unreadable]?

ATC: Affirm.

Transavia 3K: And we have another problem because our flaps are not working anymore due to the wind shear so we have to make a flapless landing.

ATC: [unreadable] no flaps. Do you need assistance on the runway?

Transavia 3K: Yes please.
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