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I can hear the LNP cheering from here. Not exactly known for their 'humanitarian' side, I'm sure the hopes are simply for an LNP win in the by-election..
Unfairly nasty - and way off base in this case, Hempy. Ellis is not a Member of Parliament. He's a Labor commentator and (almost invariably REALLY inaccurate) predictor of election results. His predictions are so inaccurate - usually a case of wishful thinking rather than research - that for years, if not decades, he has been a bit of a joke in conservative circles.

Having said that, when news of his illness was made public, (I saw it last night on the Paul Murray show), the comments made by the conservative members of the panel were diametrically different to what you implied in your post.

Sometimes, it might pay to wind back the knee-jerk ideological hatred just a tad, digger.
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