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Note also the article in the Australian today where former ACTU heavyweights are calling for labor to distance itself from the unions.
Which heavyweights, out of interest? I didn't get today's Oz.
Some former heavyweights have been off the Labor Christmas Card list for quite some time.

I don't see 800 grand as minor, particularly from an MP whose government has continually abused and vilified public servants for their apparent sense of entitlement, including those public servants within the border agencies who actually do the counter-terrorism and border protection work that said government has rampantly milked for every political point they can scrounge.

The way it's been explained to me by someone who understands this stuff (I don't) is that the problem is that she used the chopper to attenda party political event, not a government event. If it had been a government event then so be it (though still a bad look), but as a party event she shoudn't even have claimed a Com-car, let alone a chopper. Apparently MPs can only use their government entitlements for government business, not party stuff.

Arguing that she discussed parliamentary procedures so it was therefore government business would be like me charging all my holidays to my employer because they involved transport . I know what my employer would say if I tried it, but it's not suitable for publication.

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