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I could find this about it, SOPS. Or are you referring to a different trip?

Yesterday, [SHY] was on board the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) vessel, owned by an American millionaire, when 414 adults and children were rescued on the Mediterranean Sea between Libya and Italy.

The MOAS has been accused of acting as a taxi service ferrying asylum seekers from sinking boats to Italy.

Critics claim the boat, which uses drones to find boats in trouble, makes it more attractive for people smugglers to earn more than $400,000 because it provides a *safety net on the Mediterranean.

“Amazing to experience the rescue of 414 men, women & children out here at sea,’’ Ms Hanson-Young tweeted along with a string of photos of asylum seekers taken on board the MOAS vessel.

The Advertiser can reveal Ms Hanson-Young’s liberating experience was made possible thanks to Australian taxpayers. The outspoken Green emptied what remained of her now grandfathered overseas study travel allowance, believed to be about $3000, to assist with flights.

Her office last night confirmed taxpayer funding had paid for an economy class fare home.

A spokeswoman said the remainder of the European trip was personally funded.

Then-prime minister Julia Gillard phased out the perk which MPs had previously used to have “study tours” to places like Las Vegas.
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$3k for economy airfares. Possibly still too much compared to what is commercially available, sadly it still pales in comparison Bronwyn's helicopter taxi rides, let alone what she (sorry, we) paid for her European escapade.

FYI, Richard di Natale's overseas trip was entirely self-funded.

Some food for thought. I have been led to believe by the enthusiastic contributors to this thread that it is the Greens who traditionally promote leeching off the public purse. World's gone mad I suppose?
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