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Originally Posted by tdracer View Post
BEagle, it's not the airplane, it's the management. The 767-2C/KC-46 is the worst run program I've been involved in during my Boeing career - and by a considerable margin (granted I wasn't involved with the 787 - and I doubt it's a coincidence that much of the management migrated over from the 787 program). The level of dumbass is simply mind boggling.
A few weeks ago there was a flight squawk on the number one airplane (you know, the one that's actually flown) - bad engine data. I took one look, said it's not an engine problem, you have a wiring problem. After a week of 20 person meetings, someone finally showed me the wire diagram I'd asked for right after the squawk was reported - and I told them exactly where to look for the wiring problem. After two more weeks of 20 person meetings, someone actually went out to the airplane, checked the wiring, and found a short where I'd told them to look two weeks earlier.
Mind boggling dumbass...
I feel your pain td.
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