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Plibersek held the seat of Sydney at the last federal election with a narrow margin.

She has a traditional Leftist past, though she's not from the union movement - bright at school, university women's officer, first job with government office for the advancement of women, transition to political staffer, pre-selection and seat in Parliament. She's a member of Emily's list, and put simply, pro gender equality, pro indigenous equality, pro abortion, criticises Israel as a 'rogue state' and was against the Iraq war. She's on the Left within the ALP. She's also very ambitious. In my opinion, she is careful in her public statements to appear fair and conciliatory, expressing her heartfelt agreement that you feel aggrieved but not actually promising to do anything about it. She seems to me to be clever, ambitious, and deeply Leftist in her thinking. In other words, like Cassius, she is dangerous, from my point of view.
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