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You wanna bet? In the suburbs where they predominate who do you think a politician listens to - if s/he wants their vote.
A few years ago, then yes I'd agree with you absolutely re political influence. In these post IS/ Lindt Coffee shop times I think that influence has withered on the vine.

Prior to that, politically the few seats had some sway against the majority (particularly in NSW and Victoria) but they were always a few seats, as opposed to the majority seats that were fairly apathetic. The majority seats are no longer apathetic, not by a long shot. This makes appeasing a few seats far less politically attractive. IMO pandering to the minority in the minority seats was never politically attractive and did Labor a lot of long-term damage, but that was the way they called it. Unfortunately the system pushes pollies towards short-term gains, particlularly now so many federal MPs (from both sides, but particuarly Ministers) have become allergic to getting out in the field and talking to real people (which can be embarassing and confronting), preferring instead to listen to staffers, focus groups and assorted hangers-on who tell them what they like to hear.

In a post IS/Lindt siege Australia there is no political advantage to winning a handful of inner city seats in Sydney and Melbourne if the tactics alienate voters in all the other seats. This definitely applies at the federal level, and probably at a state level now the amount of former pork-barrelling in those seats has been exposed. In the current climate I see no political advantage for either major party to pander to a handful of seats at the expense of a big wad of other seats that aren't particularly effnick and didn't appreciate the pandering even before the shit started to float.

Apart from the Greens (who have their own micro-barrel to push, which has won them a micro level of seats although since losing the balance of power they still punch above their weight wrt media white noise ), politically it's been pretty quiet on the effnick front. Sure there are outliers (generally the MPs in those seats), but at a party level it's been vewwy vewwy quiet. Recently, even Labor have been content to run a fairly timid 'rule of law, one rule for all' line, and that's only when pushed for comment. It's not 2013 any more.
EDIT; good news about the jail sentence. May there be more of them as required.

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