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The people you fear make up less than 1% of Australia. They have no power in Canberra at all, they have no political sway
oic, you say yourself that you're not currently living in Australia, so how in the world can you feel that you can make a comment like that if you don't live here? In four or more Federal and State seats in Sydney's western suburbs, (some of which are fast approaching becoming Islamic ghettos), the Muslim 'vote' is in excess of 20% - and politically speaking, it's a very 'noisy' (some would say 'canny') 20%.

And I can assure you that the politicians in Canberra and Macquarie St - on both sides of politics - are fine-tuning their attitudes and comments to keep that 20% happy, for at both the State and Federal level, those four or five seats are all-important in deciding which Party wins government. (Watch Tony Abbott bend over backwards to avoid mentioning the 'M' or the 'I' word after any terrorist attack, and as for 'our' ABC's (un)reporting of any such incident...)

Mike Baird, the Liberal Premier of NSW, is today attending - and making a speech - at an Eid celebration in SW Sydney (celebrating the end of Ramadan). I don't recall seeing him - or any other politician - supplanting George Pell's replacement on the pulpit at St Pat's or St Andrews, the Anglican equivalent. (At the same time, a similar celebration organised by the Australian Federal Police in Sydney to promote understanding was cancelled after Islamic leaders refused to attend it.)

In short, not to put too fine a point to it, you're utterly wrong in what you say.
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