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Solar power causes enormous difficulties for the (let's call it the 'normal') grid because it reaches its peak at mid afternoon when the draw on the grid is relatively light. However, the base load must be maintained at a relatively narrow band, so with all those subsidised private dwellings porting in their input every sunny afternoon, the base load had to be dumped - which equals waste - for the dumped power has already been produced by coal/oil/gas/hydro, just not delivered.

Then, after dark, when the draw on the grid increases, the base load has to be jacked up to meet the demand from the even lower level it was down to thanks to the solar input, which equals even more waste.

The same would apply when wind power produces more than usual, and particularly so on the rare occasions when wind delivers 100% of the required power.

So all those lucky households which are receiving 60c, 40c or 20c a unit for adding their solar input to the grid, far from helping, are actually costing us money twice - once for the subsidy and then again for the dumped base load that has to be replaced.
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