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I am interested to read your sources RJM
There's no shortage of reputable journals going into all sorts of issues on the subject. very boring so they don't make the headlines.

The technical issues with regrds to wind is well known. The last I heard was the European grid is under extreme strain and constant danger of falling over. One figure was a trillion dollars to up grade so it can take any more "significant" renewable capacity.

100% of its electricity requirements using wind power the other day?
These headlines come out every now and then, and are virtually meaningless. I think South Aus had one a while back. The krauts had one not long back as well. Usually whats happening is, their load dumping a huge amount of it, or farming large parts to other countries as the local distribution system can't handle it. Whilst still sucking up huge amounts of wholesome coal fired base load.

Name plate generation, and what its producing at any one time, doesn't mean its actually being utilised. The Europeans are lucky, they are part of a huge grid, which has a lot of overall capacitence for want of a better word. In the case of the Kruats and Danes, they have the benifit of being next door to countries with a huge amount of base load, ironically nuclear.
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