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This guy doesn't pull any punches.
What a cracker.

The Germans have found wind farms to have unacceptably high capital costs, in installation, maintenance and particularly in replacement which is necessary far sooner than the infrastructure for other forms of energy production.
Most on the left who sqwark about renewables are intellectual dwarfs, and wouldn't know whats good, if it fell and hit them on the head.

Wind like solar, depending upon location, is generally around 20% to 30% efficient. As such you can only handle so much at the present technolgical curve.

Wind like photovoltaic, is no longer an emerging technology. Its already at its development peak, unless someone has a break though. Hence it needs to stand on its own feet.

Tounge in cheek mode. You would be better spending the money in building the latest cogeneration coal plant, and shutting down the old ones.

That said, if we are going to persist with the renewable caper, then we should use that money to help get emerging promising technologies off the ground.

There are a few out there that can provide base load like power. But they really need the investment to get to utility level, so as to provide valuable reliability engineering feedback, and operating characteristic information
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